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Annual Calendar Shoot

I'm gearing up for my annual calendar photoshoot tomorrow with my gorgeous niece and nephew. For the past seven years their Mum and myself have endured the crazy madness that this shoot brings, stating at the end of it "Let's not leave it till next year, let's spread it out over the year." We never do!

The kids are consumate pros at being my models, and are very used to Auntie Christina getting her camera out at any given opportunity, but this is the one time where the studio lights are set up and backdrops are hung. For the most part they take it in their stride, but like all kids they bicker, fight and get tired. It can be a good couple of hours' work - sometimes longer, trying to fit an entire year's worth of costumes and poses into just one shoot. I'm sure their Mother's nerves are slightly frayed by the end of the session, and even I admit to collapsing into a small heap when they've gone. However, I love it - every single minute of it! They are great fun, silly and have a natural ability in front of the camera that makes my job a breeze.

Behind the Scenes

My favourite part of the whole process is looking through the images on my computer to see what shots we manged to get, and I'm never disappointed. I take great pride in editing the photos to make them look as good as possible, spending way too long in Photoshop creating composites that frankly haven't really been asked for. It's just something I love doing.

In fact, it was a very kind comment from a fellow photographer who said:

"I think you would make a brilliant family photographer. Your photos of AJ and Abi are absolutely wonderful and I think a lot of families would really appreciate your imaginative, and sometimes quirky, approach."

That has made me recently offer family photography as a main component of the work that I produce. Looking back over the photos I have taken as part of our annual tradition, I can see not only the kids growing up (too quickly) but also the development in my skills as a photographer, especially in the area of portraiture.

Memories are made and the photographs are always there to look back on, reminding us of the great times we have had, the occassions that we celebrate and the journeys we all take throughtout the year(s). Tomorrow may well be hectic, crazy and, above all else, fun-- but I suspect it may also mark the end of an era. My nephew is getting to that age (he's going to be a teenager in a couple of months time) where he is less than keen to participate in anything deemed to be 'not cool' (well, certainly not in the eyes of a pre-teen), so traditions may be on hold, at least for a few years anyway. With that said, let's get ready - better make the most of it...!

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